While the intricacies of each project are complex, our approach is simple:

We listen to what our client wants.

We have decades of experience specializing in interior commercial renovations and we understand that each workplace and each client has unique requirements and concerns. We know that moving or renovating a workplace can be stressful. Our principals and senior project managers are involved in each project and are here to listen, understand, and lead clients through the process. We treat every phase of every project with care and attention to detail. We consult with clients on their specific needs and attend to everything on a project from beginning to end.

We have a continuous learning model at Martone Construction. We work on being more self-aware, which is one of the keys to developing and enhancing individual leadership, commitment and performance. We focus on integrating our vision into all aspects of the business and the result is a team of dedicated and intentional individuals.


We pride ourselves on offering our clients a great value: the highest quality workspace for the lowest possible price.

We work with subcontractors who perform well and give good quality work. We value the knowledge and experience of our subcontractors and make them an integral part of the team.

With the personal involvement of senior project managers and our team’s outstanding organizational skills, we give our clients high quality projects at competitive prices.


Our repeat clients are a testament to the kind of work we do.

We get results.

We move people in on-time and keep the project on budget. We have developed long-term relationships with people in all areas of the industry and these partnerships have been paramount to our success.

We understand that business needs continue to evolve and affect the physical space of many companies. We have experience in a diverse range of workspaces. Whether you are building private offices, open office layouts, fitness areas, amenity rooms, building lobbies, or multifunctional spaces, we have the technical skills to bring your vision to reality.

We are always on our toes and stay up to date with industry and design trends. This constant dedication helps us navigate new territory with ease.

Our project managers are proactive and creative in finding ways to accelerate projects and help clients in decision-making. We bring our expertise and experience to each and every project and consult our clients on anything they need. No matter the size of a space or complexity of a design, we deliver superior workspaces through a process that is easy on our clients.