In celebration of Earth Day 2019, we are focusing on some of the ways that our office embraces a healthy, green environment for our team. Challenging our daily habits and making simple adjustments to our environment can have lasting effects that make our work and living spaces happier and healthier.

Here are 5 simple ways we keep a green office.

1. Plants, Plants, and more plants

Our office is filled with plants, which help improve indoor air quality by increasing the amount of oxygen in the air. The natural scent of plants also helps eliminate the need for chemical air fresheners and adds moisture to the air, decreasing the probability of getting a cold in the winter.


2. Biodegradable Cleaners

We use only biodegradable cleaners in our office. This decreases chemicals released into the air, which can be absorbed into our skin or inhaled. By choosing biodegradable cleaners over the typical chemical product, we help reduce air pollution and toxic waste. Fewer toxic fumes in our workplace means a cleaner and healthier environment in which to work!


3. Reused and Recycled Materials

As we continuously evolve our use of space, we refurnish with recycled or reused furniture. By reusing items, we help reduce the amount of material that ends up in landfills. Reusing furniture also decreases the release of VOCs, volatile organic compounds, from furniture manufacturing that slowly seep into the air over time. And when it’s time to say goodbye to old furniture or office supplies, we donate them to local organizations that help continue the lifespan of the products.


4. Landscaping

We count ourselves very lucky to have an outdoor space to eat, decompress, hold meetings, or even work from a laptop. Our trees and bushes join the large task force of plants in the city, capturing dust and smoke particles to eliminate carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. The space also aids in improving quality of life for everyone at Martone Construcion; sitting outside on a beautiful day does wonders for stress.


5. Daily Habits and Choices

Every action, no matter how small, adds up. We are aware and constantly reminding each other to print fewer pages, bring lunches to cut down on packaging waste, use recycled papers, and open the windows to let in some fresh air. Office paper is one of the largest wasters, so we use recycled paper and encourage each other to communicate via email, phone, or in person.