Green Elements

Part of the Landscape

For over 20 years, Martone Construction has helped shape the DC commercial landscape. From building the spaces in which numerous non-profits, corporations, institutions and medical companies work, to building the spaces where their teams relax and decompress. Our projects can be spotted in dozens of office buildings in downtown DC and now - [...]

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2019: The Year of Amenities

As we bring in the year 2020, we look ahead with anticipation and excitement for what's to come in the new decade. But it's bittersweet to say goodbye to 2019: a year full of challenging and creative construction projects. This was the year of building amenity lounges, fitness centers and rooftops. We put our [...]

Building Flexible Workspaces

When flexible office space provider Premier Workspaces went to build their second location in D.C., they trusted Martone Construction to guide them through the construction process. The 17,000 SF renovation included construction of 80 offices, 2 restrooms, 2 conference rooms, a pantry, a reception area and a lounge. Take a look inside [...]

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Office Amenity Trends

Gaming rooms, meditation centers, living walls, and convertible rooms are just a few of the fun and innovative aspects of amenity spaces that we've come across in recent years building interior projects in the D.C. metro area. Some office amenity spaces are designed to wow, and some focus on the practicality of serving several [...]

5 Simple Ways Martone Construction Keeps a Green Office

In celebration of Earth Day 2019, we are focusing on some of the ways that our office embraces a healthy, green environment for our team. Challenging our daily habits and making simple adjustments to our environment can have lasting effects that make our work and living spaces happier and healthier. Here are [...]

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Looking Back at 2018

As we begin this new year full of energy to take on new challenges, we look back on a 2018 packed with exciting and innovative projects, excellent partners and lots of fun with our team. Here are just a few of the projects we loved building in 2018. Pepperdine University [...]

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Celebrating 20 Years

The Martone Construction team spent the summer #Celebrating20Years with the construction of a new patio at our office. The outdoor space, which is surrounded by plants and trees, is a perfect place to decompress and breathe in some fresh air. We've enjoyed lunches, bubble tea breaks, team projects and even "working remotely" out on the [...]

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Green Elements Prevail in Foundation Expansion Project

After such a successful renovation of this foundation's original space, Martone Construction was called back in to deliver the expansion of their suite onto the floor above. The project included 26 offices, 4 conference rooms, a pantry, co-working areas, a staircase, and a renovation of the public corridors outside the suite. [...]

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